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Tangwang Hot Spring

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Haiquanwan Tangwang Hot Spring is located in the historical and cultural city of Bozhou, the pharmaceutical capital. Taking traditional Chinese medicine culture as the essence and integrating Taoist cultural ideas, we aim to comprehensively build a comprehensive health resort experience center that integrates hot spring health preservation, health therapy, traditional Chinese medicine health care, catering and entertainment, and water parks. The project plan covers an area of approximately 96 acres, with a total investment of approximately 160 million yuan. Spring water is rich in strontium element, which has good effects on improving bone structure, promoting bone cell physiological activity, promoting blood circulation and resolving stasis, and promoting beauty and beauty. It is called a natural health preserving golden soup. There are 85 projects within the hot spring, including 66 characteristic hot spring pools. To increase the experience, the hot spring is also equipped with health and leisure entertainment projects such as a traditional Chinese medicine health center, a wooden house soup house, and a water park.

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