Qin Fengyu Mayor of Bozhou Municipality

Qin Fengyu, female, Han nationality, a CPC member born in September 1970 with a bachelor's degree. [Details]

Natural Geography Bozhou is located in the northwestern part of Anhui Province, situated at the southern end of the North China Plain and bordering Anhui and Henan. Its geographical shape is elongated diagonally from southeast to northwest, with a length of about 150 kilometers from north to south and a width of about 90 kilometers from east to west. The total administrative area of it covers 8,37... [Details]

1. Shimanto, Japan Shimanto is located in the southwest of Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku Island, Japan. In 2005, it was established by the merger of Nakamura City and Xituzo City. The area is 632 square kilometers, with a population of 39980 people. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. The climate is warm and humid, with abundant natural resources. The economic pillar industry is agriculture and forestry. It is known as the last clear river in Japan, passing through the city center, and is the most famous tourist landscape in the city. Le... [Details]