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Lin Yongcheng

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The Linyong City Scenic Area is located on the outer side of the South Outer Ring Road, West Outer Ring Road, and North Outer Ring Road in Bozhou City, with the meaning of "forest in the city, city in the forest, and forest city shining". The scenic area is circular and embraces the entire Bozhou City, with a total length of about 50 kilometers. Multiple tourist landscape projects have been built in the scenic area, including a tourist service center, a music book bar, an European style garden, and a Yangshulin ecological leisure area. Supporting amusement projects such as equestrian training bases, forest mystery castles, and RV campsites have also been completed. Since the completion of the Linyuncheng Scenic Area, various activities such as hot air balloon carnival and outdoor collective wedding have been held, receiving unanimous praise from citizens and tourists.

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