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Huatuo Herbal Garden

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Huatuo Baicao Garden is located on the west side of Gujing Avenue in the urban area. It is the core project of Boyao Flower Sea Leisure and Sightseeing World, covering a total area of about 2000 acres. The project is divided into three phases of construction, and the first phase is now open. There are two hills in the scenic area, one of which is a 17 meter earthen hill named "Luming Mountain", originating from Cao Cao's "Short Song Journey" where "You You, the deer are singing, eating wild apples". The colorful cherry blossoms are planted on the mountain, with petunia, peacock grass, and lubinghua planted around the hills, including 200000 lubinghua plants. Another hill is called Hua Qiangu, which is planted with saffron flowers such as Fendai Chaozi Grass and Verbena Grass. There is also a pool of lake water at the foot of Luming Mountain, called Qingbao Lake, named after Hua Tuo's "Qingbao Classic". Around Qingbao Lake, there are peach blossom islands, beach leisure areas, glass viewing walkways, and sunny lawns.

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