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Geographical Advantages

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Bozhou is renowned as the “thoroughfare between the north and south and the pivot of Henan”, and during the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was even referred to as “Little Nanjing” due to its thriving maritime trade. Since its establishment as a city, Bozhou has consistently invested in transportation infrastructure, further emphasizing its geographical and transportation advantages.
Currently, the Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou High-Speed Railway is in operation, and the construction of Bozhou Airport is underway. Projects like the Fuyang-Mengcheng-Suzhou Intercity Railway, Bozhou-Mengcheng Expressway, Xuzhou-Huaibei-Fuyang Expressway (Bozhou section), Guo River waterway, and integrated port facilities are being accelerated, expanding the scope of Bozhou’s transportation network and facilitating better connectivity with other regions. There’s continuous effort in the construction of new and upgraded national and provincial trunk roads, as well as rural roads, forming a three-dimensional traffic corridor resembling the shape of the Chinese character “米” and the initial formation of a “one ring, seven horizontal and seven vertical” road network in the city center. The integrated transportation network supporting both local connectivity and external linkage continue to be improved.

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