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The Number of Centenarians in Bozhou reached 715

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Up to now, the number of centenarians in Bozhou City has reached 715, 64 more than in 2022.

According to statistics, there are 164 males, 551 females among the 715 centenarians in Bozhou; with 68 in the city, and 647 in rural areas. Looking in terms of county and district, there are 206 in Guoyang, 142 in Mengcheng, 214 in Lixin, and 153 in Qiaocheng.

In recent years, Bozhou City has continued to improve welfare for the aged, such as offering meal help services, issuing old-age allowances to the elderly, expanding services of home-based care for the aged, and providing assistance to disabled elders in households receiving subsistence allowances to live in pension institutions. As a result, the centenarians in Bozhou City are becoming more and more. In 2022, there were 651 centenarians in Bozhou City, and in 2023, the number exceeded 700 for the first time.

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