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The Medicine City Embraces Guests from across the Globe by Opening Its Two Medicine Markets

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On the morning of February 27th, which is also the 18th day of the first lunar month, Bozhou City held its 2024 opening ceremonies for the medicine market at the west square of Bozhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Professional Market, as well as the east square of Bozhou Chinese Medicine Exchange.

At the opening ceremonies, medicine entrepreneurs’ representatives vowed to follow the entrepreneurship of their predecessors. And right ahead of the ceremonies, we also witnessed a ritual through which they expressed their reverence and gratitude to the ancient miracle-working doctor, Hua Tuo, by offering incenses, wine and the four great Bozhou medicines, etc. They also prepared specialty exhibitions featuring herb tea, traditional Chinese medicine products, cultural and creative products from Zhi Bo Wen Chuang and products of Gujing Group for the distinguished guests after the ceremonies.

Bozhou, with the competitive traditional Chinese medicine sector at the core of its whole industry, is renowned as the world’s traditional Chinese medicine capital. In 2023, the total value of its modern traditional Chinese medicine business reached 185.25 billion yuan, up by 11.3%. To be specific, the output value of the traditional Chinese medicine planting industry and the pharmaceutical industry and the trade amount of the traditional Chinese medicine were respectively 4.65 billion yuan, 42.6 billion yuan and 138 billion yuan, demonstrating a respective increase of 9.15%, 19.5% and 9.1%. The city’s annual breeding ability for seeds and seedlings rose to 6,000,000 plants and its had introduced 60 species of traditional Chinese medicines with both high output and high sales volume into its own land over time. Seventy-three nationally recognized and top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises chose to settle here and 126 pharmaceutical enterprises excelled an output value of 100million yuan. Moreover, its output of herb tea accounted for 90% that of the whole country. Also, Bozhou was selected as one of the national demonstration pilot cities for inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine. Projects like Joint Research Center for Chinese Herbal Medicine of Anhui and Anhui Provincial Industrial Innovation Institute of Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine were put into operation. Bozhou took initiative in engaging with the provincial life and health parent fund and saw the establishment of the sub-fund of its own in this regard. The City also seized the exciting opportunities and made the 2023 International (Bozhou) Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo and China (Bozhou) - RCEP Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Cooperation Conference great successes. All the above achievements indicate that Bozhou has embarked on a fast-lane of economic growth.

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