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Early spring farming

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On March 2, in the wheat field of Zhuwang Community, Yongxing Town, Lixin County, Bozhou City, agricultural technicians used plant protection drones to spray herbicides on wheat.

On March 2, in ten-thousand mu of lotus root base, Yuefang Town, Mengcheng County, Bozhou City, farmers were loading the freshly dug lotus roots in to the truck, ready to ship them out of town for sale.

As the weather warms up, farmers in the Bozhou City are busy with farm work in the field.

On March 3, in Ningxiao Village, Gucheng Town, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City, villagers were applying medicine to wheat to control weeds, pests and diseases.

On March 1, farmers were guarding watermelon seedlings in a greenhouse at Zhao Xiaoyan's family farm in Xiaozhai Village, Gongdian Town, Lixin County, Bozhou City.

On February 28, farmers were covering soil to strengthen the seedlings of newly transplanted tomato plants in a vegetable greenhouse in Wuma Town, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City.

On March 2, farmers were using small farm tools to fertilize Chinese medicinal materials in Wanglou Village, Lumiao Town, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City.

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